„koTwa” brand quality

Optimal construction

The construction of the anchor bolt ensures very high adhesion of the chemical resins. The shaping of its surface through the knurling process allows for the strength required by EN 959, without the need for using expensive epoxy adhesives required by competing manufacturers.

The design of the "koTwa" anchor link provides a large clearance for the insertion of two carabiners after deposition. Mounting in the rock is easy, as it requires only one drilled groove.
Thanks to the optimal construction, setting up in often difficult climbing conditions is much easier and much cheaper than in the case of anchors offered by foreign manufacturers

Clean welds

In accordance with the rules for making welded joints, they must be cleaned of any oxide residues and coatings that are generated during welding and subsequently subjected to passivation process. The lack of proper surface treatment (characteristic dark discoloration of the weld and its surroundings) can lead to a very dangerous phenomenon of pitting corrosion. All welded elements of rock climbing anchors from the brand "koTwa" are subjected to a multi-stage and laborious finishing operations, which definitely sets it apart from some competing products.



For rock climbing anchors to meet the requirements of EN 959, they must be properly and permanently marked. It is particularly important to mark different models of the same manufacturer to identify them after placement.

Certificates and standards

On the basis of strength tests, material approvals and internal control of the technological process for the rock climbing anchors produced by the "koTwa" brand, Declaration of conformity with EN 959:2007 standards was issued (In accordance with EU Directive 89/686 / EEC, Annexe II)